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Beautiful Drives

Choose from traditional materials, or completely porous KBI Flexi™Stone

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Let Us Refurbish Your Old Surfaces

Is your drive looking tired & worn? Is it starting to crack? Or are you simply not happy with it? AC Plant can offer many different replacement or refurbishment options. From traditional block paving & tarmac, to eco-friendly KBI Flexi™Pave & KBI Flexi™Stone.  Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, so we will work out a solution with every client,
based on their particular needs. 

We also offer various other building services such as patios, brickworks and roadworks. 

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We Offer

  1. Commercial
    We are very experienced in commercial groundworks projects, and have worked with many councils in the past.
  2. Domestic
    For domestic driveways we offer many different options, depending on the look and use you have for your drive. These include traditional paving & tarmac, and also more modern solutions. Such as KBI Flexi™Pave & KBI Flexi™Stone.
  3. Playground Circulation Areas
    Our KBI Flexi™Pave is perfect for surrounding children's playgrounds and other sport centered areas, such as outdoor gyms. Made partly of recycled used tyres, it offers great slip resistance because of its rubber content.
  4. KBI Approved Installations
    We are a KBI approved installer of their products, Flexi™Pave & KBI Flexi™Stone. These material are the next generation of infrastructure. They use a unique bonding agent to form a highly porous paving product. No more standing water.
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A Modern Solution to An Age Old Problem 
For many years people have argued that traditional concreting methods and Increasing urbanization has caused problems with increased flash flooding after sudden rain. As areas of vegetation are replaced by concrete, asphalt, or roofed structures, the area loses its ability to absorb rainwater. This rain is instead directed into surface water drainage systems, often overloading them and causing floods. Now we can offer an alternative, with a sustainable drainage system. Our KBI Products are porous and allow water to run straight though. 
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Years of Experience
We have worked in this industry for nearly 25 years. We have also worked with many councils and local authorities on projects big and small. From roadworks to domestic drives, we are experts at what we do. Our team is highly skilled and experienced. We are also always keen to learn more about new surfacing solutions, making sure we can always offer the best of modern technology. 

Satisfied Customers

  1. Excellent service, on time. Well conducted, precise, exactly to quote, finished early, tidied up, pleasant and good natured team.
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    John Besford